Offers Marine & RV dealerships the ability to quickly and accurately provide consumer quotes in multiple professional formats. DSM provides several of sale related tools to complete a sale from any remote or dealership location. DSM can be used with new product or pre-owned. DSM provides dealerships with several user controls and comprehensive margin setting capabilities. DSM includes a detailed lead management system that will track all quotes, add outside leads, emails and recieves email conversation allowing for record of all, our unique lead reminder allows user to set automatic lead reminders on any or all leads.

DSM has been proven in dealerships around the United States and Canada to increase closing ratios, increase margins and bring a unparalleled profesionalism to your sales team while providing detailed information to your customer.

Our System Provides a Responsive Intelligent Cloud-Based System with the most Advanced Software Available.

Providing Dealers & Manufacturers "The Competitive Edge"




"Marine Dealer Technologies"

    "RV Dealer Technologies"

  • Retail Warranty Registration Systems 
  • Warrant Claim Management
  • Inventory Control Tools
  • Brand Margin Controls
  • Comprehensive Model Margin Controls
  • Brand Pricing Edit Controls  
  • Digital Showroom Manager 
  • Payment Calculations
  • Email able Loan Applications
  • Email able Quotes, Window Stickers & Purchase Agreements
  • Lead Managment Tools
  • 3 Different Window Stickers in 2 Formats
  • Custom dealership Quotes
  • Online Training
  • Dealer Support & Training 

  • Providing Manufacturer Support to