Our Tools

Digital Showroom Manager (DSM1)

MDT's Digital Showroom Manager is an interactive tool that assists sales people by improving their professionalism and marketing techniques with the utlization of tablets, desktops and smartphone technology.

Both Manufacturers and Dealer are able to showcase their brands on a interactive platform without leaving the customer. Online brochures, model specifications, MSRP pricing, order forms, custom printable quotes, retail financing and retail window stickers are available immediatley. DSM also has the ability to search in stock inventory for a similar unit.

DigitalShowroom Manager (DSM2)

DSM2 is our latest addition to DSM, this gives dealers all of the features that DSM1 does in a simple dealer controlled type in your own options and margin setting. This tool allows dealers to 

have all of the features our data base driven system has that can be used with any brand. 

Digital Showroom Manager Pre-Owned

DSM Pre-Owned is a perect tool for pre-ownned inventory, print quotes, calculate payments, and create purchase agreements from one simple format.

Digital Boat Locator

Digital Boat Locator is a web-link placed on the manufacturers website. It is a product driven lead generator. Consumers can search for a desired boat or pontoon directly from the manufacturers website. Once the product is located in the field it directs the consumer to the dealer nearest their location. Boat Locator allows the consumer to contact the selling dealer directly or via email. MDT's lead tracking system will instantly notify the recieving dealer of a request for information.

Digital Inventory Management

MDT's Digital Inventory Management syetm gives both manufacturers and dealers an array of management through real time platforms. Manufacturers can automatically upload shipped inventory to the recieving dealers inventory list. This procees increases effincency and accuracy of the inventory for manufacturers and dealers. MDT's and its automated intergration into the Warranty Registration system improves accuracy to 100%.

Digital Warranty Registration

The Digital Warranty Registration System intergrates seamlessly by providing simple, efficent and accurate information that is generated directly from the Inventory Management System. Its ease of use, pre-populated and stored information as well as the removal of sold units from the Inventory Management System keeps both manufacturers, manufacturer sales reps and dealers up todate with real time accurate customer information and inventory counts.

Digital Warranty Claims 

MDT's Digital Warranty Claim system enables dealers to submit a pre-populated warranty claim form to the manufacturer in a highly efficent matter. Warranty claims are digitally sent to the manufacturers warranty administrator for review. The administrator can approve, deny, place on parts hold or ask for more information- all electronically. This system includes MDT's exclusive notification system that notifies both the manufacturer and the dealer of any status changes by sending a automatic email refrencing the particlar claim.

Digital Warranty Reporting

Digital Warranty Reporting maintains data of each dealer's warranty registration and warranty claim history for the manufacturer and dealer. Reports can be generated by using the model, model year, failure or individual dealership information. Records can be quickly accesses at any time through MDT's reporting system. Our seemless intergration of systems provides increased accuracy, efficiency and proficincy in reporting.

Digital Document Center

The Digital Document Center is a resource area that allows manufacturers to communicate important information to their dealer group.Manufacturers can upload pricing updates, special sales programs, recalls, promotions, parts lists, service bulletins and any other information they believe important to share either the dealer network.

The Digital Document Center is an invaluable resource center for manufacturers to enhance and share with their dealers critical product knowledge and information.

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