About Us

Marine Dealer Technologies was created by the owners of Thayer Marine, a Michigan dealership of 37 years searching for solutions to the everyday dilemmas relating to professional sales techniques and inventory management of the products. After years of searching unsuccessful for one tool, from one source, we decided to create our own. Thayer Marine is now able to work one on one with customers in the showroom without leaving them to check inventory or prices. Thayer Marine increased and maintained margins on sales and now has a useful, practical and professional tool that made inventory control, presentation of products and the selling of watercrafts simple. Excited about the results the Thayer family created Marine Dealer Technologies and now offers its solutions to the marine industry. Over the years hundreds of dealers across North America have reported increased margins, improved presentation skills and an unprecedented level of professionalism with their staff.

Marine Dealer Technologies is committed to providing the marine industry with the most affordable, productive and innovative solutions ever. We will continuously improve our solutions and add new features which promote the success our dealers and manufacturers.

Our goals are simple

We will continue to offer the most innovative products in the market place.

We will continue to create sales tool that are simple to use, professional, accurate and affordable.

We will continue to listen to our customers and seek their input and address their needs.

We will exceed the expectations of our customer with every product and service we provide